Konishi Yasuharu "naze Konishi Yasuharu no Drama BGM wa TV no Variety bangumi de yoku tsukawareru no ka."

This compilation's title says it all: it translates to "Why is it that Konishi Yasuharu's drama BGM is often used in variety shows?". Yes, this is a collection of Konishi's best drama BGM works from shows aired on Nippon TV over the past 10 years. Included are tracks from "kui tan" (2006), "kui tan 2" (2007), "seigi no mikata" (2008), "Dekawanko" (2011), "Tokyo zenryoku shōjo" (2012), "senryokugai sōsakan" (2014) and "Debusen" (2016). All of these soundtracks were released individually before, but unless you already have all of them here's a good place to start.

And yes, his instrumental works really are often heard on unrelated variety shows! But of course for those who watched those drama series, hearing just a few seconds of these songs is enough to be take you back there instantly.

All songs can be sampled at CDJapan and other online shops.

Konishi Yasuharu "naze Konishi Yasuharu no Drama BGM wa TV no Variety bangumi de yoku tsukawareru no ka."
小西康陽 「なぜ小西康陽のドラマBGMはテレビのバラエティ番組でよく使われるのか。」

1. Brindisi from "La Traviata" (from "kui tan")
2. Bolero (from "kui tan")
3. Spring from "The Four Seasons" Allegro (I) (from "kui tan")
4. Funiculi Funicula (from "kui tan")
5. Opera "die Walkure" Ride of the Valkyries (from "kui tan")
6. Prelude from "Carmen" (from "kui tan 2")
7. Vii.Dance of the Reeds from "Nutcracker Suite.Op.71a" (from "kui tan 2")
8. Makiko no Theme. (+ 8 versions) (from "seigi no mikata")
9. Yōko no Twist. (from "seigi no mikata")
10. seigi no mikata no genjitsu. (from "seigi no mikata")
11. "gekijō" no Theme (from "Dekawanko")
12. "heion" no Theme (from "Dekawanko")
13. "kyūkaku" no Theme (from "Dekawanko")
14. "kyūten" no Theme (from "Dekawanko")
15. mae o muite arukō (from "Tokyo zenryoku shōjo")
16. kono Groovy na sekai de (from "Tokyo zenryoku shōjo")
17. toshokan no ongaku (from "Tokyo zenryoku shōjo")
18. Tokyo wa Merry Go Round (+ 8 versions) (from "Tokyo zenryoku shōjo")
19. Sports kōshinkyoku (senryokugai sōsakan Remix) (from "senryokugai sōsakan")
20. Sports kōshinkyoku ~ Scat hen featuring Time Five (from "senryokugai sōsakan")
21. Sports kōshinkyoku ~ kuchibue hen (from "senryokugai sōsakan")
22. Sports kōshinkyoku ~ Dixieland hen (from "senryokugai sōsakan")
23. Rock'n'Roll High School (from "Debusen")
24. Funky gakuen (from "Debusen")
25. kachinuki eleki gakuen (from "Debusen")
26. yutori kyōiku (from "Debusen")

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