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About Tokyo's Coolest Sound

Tokyo's Coolest Sound is a blog which aims at sharing news about artists of interest. While the coolestsound.jp site was created in 2010, the blog itself was started back in June 2004 with the name "Agenda" as a part of the chipple.net site. Reaching over 1200 entries, this blog was given its own identity and domain in April 2010, along with many added features, in hope to better serve the international community of those who love good Japanese music.

Genres covered include Shibuya-kei, club-pop, club-jazz, techno-pop, electro-pop, indies pop, indies rock, etc. For lists of artists, see the artists page.

About the editor

My name is Patrick, I'm a French-speaking Canadian, web programmer living in Tokyo since year 2000. I have been passionate of Japanese music since the mid-late 90's, my interest starting with Shonen Knife, Cibo Matto, Pizzicato Five, Cornelius, Kahimi Karie, to later exponentionally expand after moving to Tokyo. I soon learned a lot about Shibuya-kei, club and indies scenes, and bought many CDs and records in new and used shops around Tokyo. Having many friends abroad I wanted to share the experience with, in 2002 I started the online used CD shop Tokyo Recohan.

As I learned Japanese I became able to find information about my favorite artists on the web and in magazines. In an effort to myself keep track of all the releases of music that I loved, in 2004 I started making notes which I would translate and share with everyone on a blog called "Agenda", part of my personal site at . Realizing the potential to make it a better news site and portal that could reach more people, after a few years of contemplating I finally turned this one into Tokyo's Coolest Sound in 2010.

To Concert-goers in Japan

We are looking for your concert reviews! If you're in Japan and sometimes go to Japanese artist concerts, and you happen to write reports in English on your blog, please let us know as we'd be happy to link to those. If you don't have a blog, we might even post your whole review here.

Gig report requirements: Reports should be of a certain length (not just a few lines), covering most artists of the event (or at least a few in case of festivals). Links to the artists mentioned should be included (when possible). Photos and set lists are also greatly welcome.

Please note that we reserve the right to choose which reports to link to. We might not link to reports of artists that don't fit in the concept of this site. Check our artists list to get an idea.

To Artists, Labels and Promoters / アーティスト・レーベル・プロモーションの方へ


日本の音楽リリース情報、イベント情報などは こちらのメールアドレス までお送りお願いいたします。
※ それ以外のご連絡はお手数ですがお問い合わせフォームをご利用ください。

対象ジャンル: クラブポップ/クラブジャズ/テクノポップ/エレクトロポップ/テクノ/インディーズポップ/渋谷系関連など。

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