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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has a brand new single coming. "Mondai Girl" has been heard recently playing at the end of TV drama "mondai no aru Restaurant", while the two B-sides are used in TV commercials for Nintendo and Chintai (a real estate company). Also included is a remix of hit "Candy Candy". As always, the whole is produced by Nakata Yasutaka (CAPSULE).

The limited edition comes as a 7-inch-sized jacket (note that it's a CD, not 7") and contains a bonus DVD of 9 live songs from shows held throughout 2014 in London, Hawaii and Tokyo. Great value!

Now listen carefully, both editions include a poster with the first pressing (while supplies last), though this also depends on the retailer so see details on the links below. Also it seems that both editions come with a sticker.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Mondai Girl"
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ 「もんだいガール」

1. Mondai Girl
3. My Room
4. CANDY CANDY -remix-
5. Mondai Girl (Instrumental)
6. KISEKAE (Instrumental)
7. My Room (Instrumental)

DVD (Limited edition only)
from "KPP NANDA COLLECTION WORLD TOUR 2014" at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London 2014.4.29
2. tsukematsukeru
3. Fashion Monster
4. Invader Invader
from "KPP NANDA COLLECTION LIVE" in Hawaii at Waikiki Shell 2014.7.20
5. mi
6. Ninjya Re Bang Bang
from "Pika Pika Fantajin Tour Kyary Pamyu Pamyu no Colorful Panic TOY BOX" at Yoyogi National Stadium 2014.11.9
7. Mottai Night Land
8. Kira Kira Killer
9. Family Party

Limited edition (CD+DVD (Region 2 NTSC))
Warner Music WPZL-30990
Out 3/18, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order with poster (while supplies last): CDJapan, Amazon, HMV (10% off), Tower
Order without poster: Amazon (15% off), YesAsia

Regular edition (CD only)
Warner Music WPCL-12062
Out 3/18, ¥1400 (excl. tax)
Order with poster (while supplies last): CDJapan, HMV, Tower
Order without poster: Amazon, YesAsia

"Mondai Girl" (Short version)

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" Follow Tablaman in vol.2 & 3 of U-zhaan's "Homesick in Calcutta" series! & " — @coolestsound on February 28, 2015 at 20:48 | Retweet

This is an 8th edition of the genreless compilation series "HELLO!!!" from rapper DOTAMA's label "sube no ana". Included is a brand new song by blue marble, along with many more up-and-coming indies artists. Available on iTunes worldwide at a friendly price. Definitely worth checking out!

Various Artists "sube no ana Presents 'HELLO!!! vol.8'"

1. DOTAMA x haha no shikyū "13gatsu" (Quviokal 13pun no 1gatsu remix)
2. LLLL "yume no sama feat. Kanako from kindan no tasu===ketsu"
3. Hirone-chan "shōjo jijō"
4. LTPIMO "My house is where (ouchi, doko?)"
5. sayū "nakunaranai"
7. Cult "One 4 all. O'l for 1 ~original ver.~" (pro. by CHAF)
8. SPEAK LAW "For heaven's sake/COLD SNAP"
9. MCpero "otona no kuni"
10. blue marble "shine me more"
11. The Invisible Citizenships "Trap of flower bunch"
12. Ameba "toki no onshoku" (pro. by DJ MANZ)
13. Xem "BONG!"
14. Yullippe "Rain"
15. Tomobitch "SOS FROM SNS" (Pro. by KOITAMA)
16. kuchiyose "Electrical kami"
17. Moz "nagareru"
18. ecke "Nook"

sube no ana
Out now (2/25), ¥900
Sample/buy: 術ノ穴Presents "HELLO!!!vol.8" by Various Artists

Sampler clip

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This is a collaboration single of Kaji Hideki and rapper Yakenohara with Takagi Masakatsu. All three are on label felicity, and the song first appeared on compilation "Clear Cut 200" (Amazon) released last November. Here it comes on a 7" with a previously unreleased piano dub version. Included is a download code with yet more bonus tracks. Hear audio samples at Jet Set.

Kaji Hideki will hold a "semla party" at Swedish restaurant Lilla Dalarna on Sunday March 15. Find details here.

Hideki Kaji x Yakenohara feat. Takagi Masakatsu "Sound of Felicity" (7"+MP3)
カジヒデキ X やけのはら featuring 高木正勝 「Sound of Felicity」

A. Sound of Felicity
B. Sound of Felicity (Piano Dub)

MP3 Download
1. Sound of Felicity
2. Sound of Felicity (Piano Dub)
3. Sound of Felicity - 33rpm Screw Ver
4. Sound of Felicity (Piano Dub) - 33rpm Screw Ver

felicity PEKF-91002
Out now (2/25), ¥1429 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, CDJapan, Amazon, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

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A 2nd 7" from this trilogy by Count Joke (aka jōdan hakushaku) (Facebook page), unit of Maezono Naoki & Arai Toshiya, was released this week!

Also check out the January-released "bird man c/w ameagari". The next will be released on March 25.

Count Joke "LED c/w nagisa" (7"+CD)
冗談伯爵 「LED c/w 渚」

B. nagisa

1. nagisa
2. LED
3. nagisa (instrumental)
4. LED (instrumental)

High Contrast HCCD-9555
Out now (2/25), ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only


Trailer (of the CD-R release from last year)

Find out more about: ARAI Toshiya, Count Joke, MAEZONO Naoki

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" Flying humanoids in Denki Groove new clip "Fallin' Down"! Single info ☞ " — @coolestsound on February 26, 2015 at 13:22 | Retweet

Two new 7"'s from Sugar's Campaign, of songs from their excellent first album "Friends". Included on the "Holiday" single is an exclusive extended mix of "Big Wave". Both come on white vinyl!

The album's release party is to be held at Daikanyama Unit on March 19 (with an Osaka event the following day).

Sugar's Campaign "Holiday" (7")
Sugar's Campaign 「ホリディ」

A. Holiday
B. Big Wave (Extended Mix)

HMV record shop HRS-0005
Out now (2/21), ¥1300 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, HMV

Sugar's Campaign "tonari Town" (7")
Sugar's Campaign 「となりタウン」

A. tonari Town
B. Parabola shabon Line

HMV record shop HRS-0006
Out now (2/21), ¥1300 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, HMV


Find out more about: Avec Avec, Seiho, Sugar's Campaign

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Osaka-based 80's style idol group Especia have made a move to a major label, and their first major release comes as a mini-album (still clocking over 38 minutes). This includes songs written by Meserati Nagisa (LUVRAW (Image Cluv) & PellyColo), Schtein & Longer and more.

Watch full clips of "We are Especia ~nakinagara Dancing~" and "Secret Jive" (hoping these don't have country restrictions).

A premium show will be held on March 1st at Kohoku Premia Hall in Kanagawa prefecture with collective Minato & Mirai (feat. LUVRAW, Kashif, PellyColo, Costa De Palma and many more). Details here.

Especia "Primera"
Especia 「プリメーラ」

1. We are Especia ~nakinagara Dancing~
2. Interlude
3. West Philly
4. Sweeet Tactics
5. Secret Jive
6. Skit
7. sayonara Cruisin'
8. Security Lucy
9. Outro

Limited edition bonus CD
1. Secret Jive (PellyColo M1 Fantasy Remix)
2. sayonara Cruisin' (PellyColo Rainbow Steam Remix)
3. Security Lucy (Insecure Booty Mix)
4. Security Lucy (VINYL7 DUB)
5. West Philly (Instrumental)
6. Sweeet Tactics (Instrumental)
7. Secret Jive (Instrumental)
8. sayonara Cruisin' (Instrumental)
9. Security Lucy (Instrumental)

Limited edition (2 CDs)
Victor Entertainment VIZL-790
Out 2/18, ¥2593 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Regular edition (CD only)
Victor Entertainment VICL-64302
Out 2/18, ¥1852 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"We are Especia ~nakinagara Dancing~"

Find out more about: Especia, Luvraw, PellyColo

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Following the success of compilation "Yaba-kayō" (sometimes better spelled "Yava-kayō"), here comes a follow-up that's full of songs once heard on TV, mainly in the 70's and 80's. Another common point is that they're all groovy as can be, and DJ Fukutake delivers a dancefloor-ready non-stop mix made from his great 7" collection.

A release party will be held on March 6 at Daikanyama Unit, with live shows by Ishii Akemi, Juicy Fruits, and Tablet Jun, and DJs Fukutake, Konishi Yasuharu (ex-Pizzicato Five), Sally Kubota (The Scooters, Sally Soul Stew) and more! Tickets are on sale (details here).

Various Artists "Yaba-kayō 2 Non-stop DJ Mix -TV Theme hen- Mixed by DJ Fukutake"
オムニバス 「ヤバ歌謡2 NONSTOP DJ MIX -TVテーマ編- Mixed by DJフクタケ」

1. C-C-B / Romantic ga tomaranai (1985) (from drama "maido osawagase shimasu")
2. Ashibe Mariko / Glass no kamen (1984) (from anime "Glass no kamen")
3. Kobayashi Izumi / Dancing Star (1983) (from anime "urusei yatsura")
4. Ishii Akemi / CHA-CHA-CHA (1986) (from drama "danjo 7nin natsu monogatari")
5. Sawaguchi Yasuko / Follow me (1988) (from drama "tsūkai! Rock'n'Roll dōri")
6. Uno Yūko / Sazae-san (1969) (from anime "Sazae-san")
7. Matsuo Kiyonori / Sunny Shiny Morning (1987) (from anime "Maison Ikkoku")
8. H2O / 10% no amayohō (1983) (from anime "Miyuki")
9. Nakahara Meiko / Diamond miwakenasai (1990) (from "itsuka iku tabi")
10. Suzuki Hiroko / bara wa utsukushiku chiru (1979) (from anime "Versailles no bara")
11. (Instrumental) / THE FANG (1979) (from drama "Edo no kiba")
12. Shiraishi Fuyumi / kaibutsu-kun no komoriuta (1968) (from anime "kaibutsu-kun")
13. Yamada Takao / Supercar na-nchatte (1978) (from "taiketsu! Supercar Quiz")
14. Yamada Takao / boku wa Countach Man (1978) (from "taiketsu! Supercar Quiz")
15. Honey Knights / Joe 90 (1968) (from "Joe 90")
16. Young Fresh / kappa no Sanpei (1968) (from "kappa no Sanpei yōkai daisakusen")
17. Mizuki Makoto & Young101 / Orange (1972) (from "Stage 101")
18. Young 101 / kaijū no Ballad (1972) (from "Stage 101")
19. Katō Midori / Let's Go Sazae-san (1970) (from anime "Sazae-san")
20. Okazaki Yuki / kaze ni notte (1973) (from drama "Love Love Rival")
21. Takami Kyōko / ninja wa doko ja (1986) (from "minna no uta")
22. Nishio Etsuko / do-n-ma-i rairai shōnen (1989) (from anime "Ranma 1/2")
23. Toshiba jidō gasshōdan / daimaō Shazzan (1968) (from anime "daimaō Shazzan")
24. Sugiura Yoshihiro / Mach Baron (1974) (from "Super Robot Mach Baron")
25. Morikawa Miho / Blue Water (1990) (from anime "fushigi no umi no Nadia")
26. 1980 Chewing Gum Company / michi e no Roman (1979) (from "manga hajimete monogatari")
27. Simon Masato Bush Singers / UFO shōnendan (1976) (from anime "UFO senshi Dai Apolon")
28. Kamijō Tsunehiko / ai wa kizuato (1978) (from anime "chō Supercar Gattiger")
29. Tsuchiya Kaori / kotae wa iranai (1986) (from anime "seito shokun!")
30. Nakamura Yuma / Dang Dang ki ni naru (1989) (from anime "oishinbo")
31. Nakahara Meiko / Dance In The Memories (1988) (from anime "kimagure Orange Road")
32. Ishikawa Seri / tōi umi no kioku (1974) (from "minna no uta")

Universal Music UICZ-8163
Out 2/25, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

C-C-B "Romantic ga tomaranai"

Kobayashi Izumi "Dancing Star"

Find out more about: FUKUTA Takeshi

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Denki Groove have a brand new single out this week! "Fallin' Down" is the ending theme of monster-themed TV series "kaiki renai sakusen" (by director Keralino Sandrovich). Included are remixes by (((sssurrounddd))) and Hoshina Anniversary.

The limited edition comes with a DVD of 3 live songs from a show held on November 8 last year, part of their 25th anniversary tour.

Denki Groove "Fallin' Down"
電気グルーヴ 「Fallin' Down」

1. Fallin' Down
2. Fallin' Down (Instrumental)
3. Fallin' Down (TV Edit)
4. Baby's On Fire (Hoshina Anniversary Remix)
5. Baby's On Fire ((((sssurrounddd))) Remix)

DVD (Limited edition only)
1. kanpeki ni nakushite
2. Baby's on Fire
3. Smileless Smile

Limited edition (CD+DVD)
Ki/oon Music Inc. KSCL-2554
Out 2/25, ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Regular edition (CD only)
Ki/oon Music Inc. KSCL-2556
Out 2/25, ¥1165 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"Fallin' Down"

Sampler clip

Find out more about: Denki Groove

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Laid-back female rapper Noppal has a 7" cut coming, of two songs from excellent mini-album "Summer EP 2015" (ironically released in 2014). "I Luv MaryJane" was produced by Mr.Melody (PPP) and features LUVRAW on talkbox, while "Lazy Sun Day" was produced by VIDEOTAPEMUSIC. This is a first vinyl release from LUVRAW's Image Cluv label.

Noppal "I Luv MaryJane / Lazy Sun Day" (7")

A. I Luv MaryJane
B. Lazy Sun Day

Image Cluv LUVB-701
Out 2/20, ¥1200 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon

"I Luv MaryJane"

"Screwed preview"
(Not quite what you get! Hear actual samples at Jet Set.)

Find out more about: Luvraw, Mr.Melody, Noppal, VIDEOTAPEMUSIC

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Towa Tei has a brand new single out today! "Heaven" is a song made for Valentine's Day, and it's also released as a special package with delicious rusk from Gateau Festa Harada.

At digital music shop Mach Beat, the track is offered exclusively with an instrumental version. Guitar was performed by Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius), and vocals by Wada Junko (Be The Voice) and Helen Bently.

Towa Tei is currently working on his 8th solo album!

Towa Tei "Heaven" (Download)

1. Heaven
2. Heaven (inst.)

Mach Beat
Out now (2/11)
Sample/buy: Mach Beat

Find out more about: OYAMADA Keigo, Towa Tei

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