Konishi Yasuharu "'senryokugai sōsakan' Original Soundtrack"

senryokugai sōsakan (the jacket design shows the English title "The easygoing police") is a comedy TV series about a female detective who is being kept outside of the investigation team. However she still goes to investigate by herself, usually gets in a bit of trouble, to then solve the mystery. You get the idea!

This soundtrack was produced by Konishi Yasuharu (ex-Pizzicato Five). A classic sports theme song from Nippon TV (NTV) was remixed for the first time in history into various versions, making for a recurring theme through the series. All other tracks are brand new compositions by Konishi. Featured are male chorus group Time Five (formed in 1968 and still today includes all original members) and jazz band TRI4TH.

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Konishi Yasuharu "'senryokugai sōsakan' Original Soundtrack"
小西康陽 「日本テレビ系土曜ドラマ 戦力外捜査官 オリジナル・サウンドトラック」

1. Sports kōshinkyoku (senryokugai sōsakan Remix)
2. sasoriza - kuroobi
3. Sports kōshinkyoku ~ Scat hen featuring Time Five
4. utsukushii kaiseki
5. genba kenshō
6. Sports kōshinkyoku ~ kuchibue hen
7. warui yatsura
8. Sports kōshinkyoku ~ Rag time hen
9. nani ka ga michi o yatte kuru
10. oikakeru
11. oitsumeru
12. "dokusō" no Theme
13. "bansō" no Theme
14. Sports kōshinkyoku ~ Dixieland hen
15. doyō no yoru no Pianist
16. Sports kōshinkyoku ~ Hard Bop hen featuring TRI4TH
17. doyō no yoru no banka
18. Sports kōshinkyoku ~ Hard Bop hen featuring TRI4TH (Jingle)

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