Cornelius "Ultimate Sensuous Synchronized Show" (DVD)

This 2-DVD set containing The Cornelius Group's "Ultimate Sensuous Synchronized Show" held at the Tokyo International Forum a year ago (March 30, 2008) part of the tour for album "Sensuous". The 2nd disc contains some rare Cornelius documentaries and live footage taped for TV.

At the same time is released a 3rd compilation of Cornelius' remix works, "CM3".

Cornelius "Ultimate Sensuous Synchronized Show" (DVD)
(Region 2? / 1.78:1 / 2 discs / 197 min.)

Disc 1
1. Breezin'
2. Wataridori
3. Gum
4. Toner
5. Smoke
6. Tone Twilight Zone
7. Drop
8. Point Of View Point
9. Count Five Or Six
10. I Hate Hate
11. Scum
12. Omstart
13. Beep It
14. Monkey
15. Star Fruits Surf Rider
16. Fit Song
17. Like a Rolling Stone
18. Music
19. Sensuous
20. Eyes
21. E
22. Sleep Warm

Disc 2
1. Nakameguro TV (Cornelius dai1kai shinkyoku hirĊen) from Space Shower TV
2. Yo Gabba Gabba!
3. Geo Sessions
4. Nakameguro TV (Cornelius World Tour 2006-2008) from NHK

Warner WPBL-90122
Out 3/11 4/1 4/22 5/13, ¥5900
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Find out more about: Cornelius, HORIE Hirohisa, mi-gu, SHIMIZU Hirotaka

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Will this DVD ever be reissued for the North American market? I would live to see it.


Posted by Jerry on

You should try asking Warner in the U.S. It would be nice if Cornelius' DVDs would get released internationally.

Posted by Patrick on

Thanks, I will ask. There seemed to a mention of the potential on a website but this may be quite old information.

Posted by Jerry on

Hi Patrick,

Received a very generic reply from Warner in the U.S. which seemed to be a boilerplate response.
Slightly better was one from a company called Post Modern Entertainment in California indicating that there are no plans currently but that they would like to in the future....

Posted by Jerry on

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