mi-gu "Choose The Light"

mi-gu, the unit of drummer Araki Yuko and Shimizu Hirotaka (both also of part of The Cornelius Group, If By Yes, and Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band), has a 3rd album out now on Chimera Music in the U.S.

The album is available as a limited edition signed CD (only 300 copies), or as a LP that comes with a download code. This is also available digitally directly from the label or on iTunes.

There's a show in Brooklyn today Thursday October 4. Details here.

mi-gu "Choose The Light"

1. Choose The Light
2. Lazy
3. Sakaiminato
4. Pulling From Above
5. Floating
6. Touch Wood
7. Oshiro
8. Spider
9. The Dummer and the Dancer
10. What To Do?
11. From Space

(The LP contains "Give Me Your Hands / From Brain (Bonus track)" instead of "From Space".)

Chimera Music
Out now (10/2)
LP $17: Chimera Music, Amazon U.S., Amazon Japan, HMV Japan
Limited CD $15: Chimera Music
Digital: Chimera Music, Choose the Light - Mi-Gu

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Thank you, I didn't realize the cd is a limited edition so I quickly got my copy now :)

This is actually a compilation of the 3 older albums, so I already have some tracks but I'm looking forward to this anyway.

Posted by Erik on

Oh, I didn't realize it's a compilation! But yes either the CD and LP are definitely keepers for mi-gu fans! :)

I haven't yet seen mi-gu live, so I hope this new release will bring a show.

Posted by Patrick on

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