hitomitoi "Snowbank Social Club"

Following last summer's hot "Surfbank Social Club", hitomitoi now brings us a winter album, the kind that should warm you up. Again collaborators Cunimondo Takiguchi (Ryūsenkei), Kashif (aka Stringsburn) and LUVRAW & BTB are in, as well as tofubeats, Avec Avec and grooveman Spot, and also rapper PUNPEE.

Live shows will be held at Billboard Live Tokyo on March 2 and March 24.

hitomitoi "Snowbank Social Club"
一十三十一 「Snowbank Social Club」

1. Snowbank Social Club 1
2. Catch Me in the Snow ~ginsekai de tsukamaete~
3. Night Flight Telephone Call feat. PUNPEE
4. Winter Rouge Mellow
5. Silver Wind ~utsuri yuku kisetsu~
6. Snow Storm Loneliness
7. Frozen Horizon
8. Chocolate Neverland
9. Diamond Dust
10. Snowbank Social Club 2
11. Park Suite feat. BTB
12. Awakening Town

Billboard Records HBRJ-1011
Out 1/29, ¥2700 (excl. tax)
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† Tower Records ships within Japan only
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