VIDEOTAPEMUSIC have been active in the indies scene for many years, sampling VHS tapes and creating a unique video and audio experience, and also releasing several CD-Rs of their music works. This time is their first official CD release, and the album features the likes of Yakenohara, Kashif aka StringsBurn (Pan Pacific Playa), Beta Panama, members of cero, and more.

The album's title reads "nanahaku yōka", the common way to refer to a weekly video rental (7 nights/8 days).


1. 7haku 8ka
2. Mountain Train
3. Polynesian kankō Center feat. Sekenshirazu
4. Death Farm
5. Slumber Party Girl's Diary
6. Theme Of Hotel Majestic feat. Sekenshirazu
7. Hot Pants In The Summercamp
8. Swing Shift
9. Blow in the Wind feat. Yakenohara, Takagi Shōhei (cero)

NewVideo NWV-001
Out 6/20, ¥1715 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , 7泊8日 - 7泊8日
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Album trailer

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