Pizzicato One "watakushi no nijuseiki"

2015 is looking like a good year for Pizzicato Five fans! Konishi Yasuharu has a second Pizzicato One album coming this June, follow-up to "One And Ten Very Sad Songs" (2011).

With a title that translates to "My 20th century", this album consists of mainly covers of his previous works, of course mostly Pizzicato Five songs, entirely produced and re-arranged by Konishi. Featured are various Japanese vocalists including Koizumi Kyōko, Mizuno Mari (paris match), Ichikawa Mikako, Monsieur Kamayatsu, Ōta Emiri, Nishidera Gōta (Nona Reeves), YOU, UA and more.

Aside from P5 covers, there are ones of Nomoto Karia ("watashi ga shinde mo" and "kinō no tsuzuki" from "Karly"), The Scooters ("kanashii uwasa" from "Une Manche et La Belle"), and a song featured on compilation "uta to Guitar. Piano. kotoba.". By the way, "Gondola no uta" is a take on "karei naru shotai (The Great Invitations)", while "nichiyōbi" is a medley of "nichiyōbi no inshō (Sunday Impressions)", "okashina koibito, sono hoka no koibito (Odd Couple and the Others)" and "atarashii uta (A New Song)".

Also check out the recently released Pizzicato Five cover album "Idol bakari Pizzicato" on which several idol groups sing happy Pizzicato Five favorites selected by Konishi himself.

Pizzicato One "watakushi no nijūseiki"
PIZZICATO ONE 「わたくしの二十世紀」

1. kikoeru?
2. watashi ga shinde mo feat. Ōta Emiri
3. Tokyo no machi ni yuki ga furu hi, futari no koi wa owatta. feat. Mizuno Mari
4. koi no Television Age (T.V.A.G.) feat. Nishidera Gōta & enaha
5. sensō wa owatta (la guerre est finie) feat. YOU
6. anata no inai sekai de (a world without you) feat. Ichikawa Mikako
7. Gondola no uta feat. Monsieur Kamayatsu
8. kanashii uwasa feat. UA
9. Flower Drum Song feat. Kōda Miyako
10. nichiyōbi feat. Nishidera Gōta
11. kimi ni naritai (Y.O.U.) feat. Yoshikawa Tomoko
12. kinō no tsuzuki feat. Yoshikawa Tomoko
13. 12gatsu 24ka (24 décembre) feat. Mizuno Mari
14. watashi no jinsei, jinsei no natsu (ma vie, l'été de vie) feat. Koizumi Kyōko
15. utsukushii hoshi (Stars) feat. Koda Miyako
16. Magic Carpet Ride feat. Nishidera Gōta & enaha

Universal Music UCCJ-2125
Out 6/24, ¥3000 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

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