Various Artists "uta to Guitar. Piano. kotoba."

This new compilation from columbia*readymade is to be a sort of collection of "demo tapes", meaning simple arrangements with just guitar or piano maybe. "Music that people over 30 will truly enjoy", claims producer Konishi Yasuharu. About half of the songs are covers, and the rest brand new songs.

The album features mostly female vocalists (with a few exceptions). The list goes like this: Nomoto Karia (covering a song by Yasui Kazumi), Kōda Miyako (dip in the pool, with a cover from "The Sound of Music"), actress Ichikawa Miwako (who sang "Magic Carpet Ride" on the Pizzicato Five tribute album, with a cover of folk group Rokumonsen), bice (with a new song written by herself), Mizuno Mari (Paris Match, with a new song by Konishi-san), chorus group Smooth Ace (with a cover of Nomoto Karia!), Lemon (new song by Konishi-san), Hasegawa Kiyoshi (cover of vibraphonist Hiraoka Seiji), Yoshikawa Tomoko (ex-Amazons, new song by Konishi-san), and Maezono Naoki (owner of Love Shop Record, self-cover).

The package will be a DVD tall-case containing a large booklet titled "(New) Readymade Magazine".

Audio samples at columbia*readymade

Various Artists "uta to Guitar. Piano. kotoba."
オムニバス 「うたとギター。ピアノ。ことば。」

(Early title "columbia*readymade Sampler")

Various Artists "uta to Guitar. Piano. kotoba." オムニバス 「うたとギター。ピアノ。ことば。」 "columbia*readymade Sampler"1. Kōda Miyako / Edelweis
2. Ichikawa Miwako / watashi no ie
3. bice / Lily On The Hill
4. Mizuno Mari / Tokyo no machi ni yuki ga furu hi, futari no koi wa owatta.
5. Smooth Ace / dōshite konna ni anata ga suki nano darō
6. Lemon / utahime
7. Nomoto Karia / warui kuse
8. Hasegawa Kiyoshi / boku no Piano no soba ni oide
9. Yoshikawa Tomoko / namida morokunatta.
10. Maezono Naoki / suteki na anata ni

columbia*readymade COCP-34801
Out 4/23, ¥3000 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S.

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