Various Artists "Idol bakari Pizzicato -Konishi Yasuharu x T-Palette Records-"

What's new Pizzicato? Well here's an exciting album coming this week! Various groups from Tower Records' idol-only label T-Palette Records cover nothing but Pizzicato Five songs! Featured are Vanilla Beans, Negicco, lyrical school, Idol Renaissance and onelittlekiss.

The whole was supervised by Konishi Yasuharu himself. Tracks were produced mainly by each group's usual crew, though Vanilla Beans have songs arranged by Arai Toshiya (Konishi's current programmer) and Yoshida Tetsuto (ex-Readymade) with Hase Yasuhiro (Yume to Cosme). The whole should be a delightful collection of great classics with a brand new sound.

The jacket was illustrated by Sumire of Twee Grrrls Club.

Various Artists "Idol bakari Pizzicato -Konishi Yasuharu x T-Palette Records-"
「アイドルばかりピチカート -小西康陽×T-Palette Records-」

(Title / Artist)
1. La dépression (fukeiki) / Idol Renaissance
2. Airplane / Idol Renaissance
3. I (watashi no subete) / Vanilla Beans
4. It's a Beautiful Day / Vanilla Beans
5. Jolly Bubbly Lovely / Negicco
6. Hippie Day / lyrical school
7. Moderns (gendaijin) / onelittlekiss
8. Tout va bien (banji kaichō) / onelittlekiss
9. Magic Carpet Ride / Negicco
10. Sweet Soul Revue (Instrumental)
11. Sweet Soul Revue / Vanilla Beans

Tokuma Japan TKCA-74215
Out 4/22, ¥3000 (excl. tax)
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† Tower Records ships within Japan only

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This is absolutely fabulous!

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