Hatsune Miku "Hatsune Miku sings Halmens"

Part of Halmens' 30th anniversary releases is this tribute album sung by virtual idol Hatsune Miku. Not only she sings Halmens' greatest hits, but on two bonus tracks she even pays tribute to Nomiya Maki's album "Pink no kokoro"!

Don't miss "Motor Humming" which was also part of Maki's debut album, though it's originally a song by Halmens. Maki actually sang chorus on this song on Halmens' album "Halmens no kindai taisō" (Amazon).

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Hatsune Miku "Hatsune Miku sings Halmens"
初音ミク 「初音ミク sings ハルメンズ」

1. densha de GO (by Bucchigiri P)
2. yakisoba rōjin (by Udon Gerge)
3. konchūgun (by Bucchigiri P)
4. Radar Man (by Udon Gerge)
5. Q-P-Dance (by Miron P)
6. boshi aijō (by kihirohito)
7. kinema no yoru (by Mimirobo P)
8. Android na onna (by Udon Gerge)
9. kōfuku no mirai (by Rin & Future Now)
10. osanpo (by Udon Gerge)
11. funyafunya Cyborg (by Captain Mirai)
12. kurai tokoro e (by Dead Ball P)
13. Masked Party (by Udon Gerge)
14. Animation (by Mimirobo P)
15. Motor Humming (by Captain Mirai)
16. watashi yayo (by Dead Ball P)
~from Nomiya Maki "Pink no kokoro"~ (Special bonus tracks)
17. Pink no kokoro (by Udon Gerge)
18. Twiggy Twiggy (by Mimirobo P)

Victor VICL-63566
Out now (10/20), ¥1905 (excl. tax)
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