Nomiya Maki "Pink no kokoro + 2" (SHM-CD)

First released in 1981 (almost 30 years ago!), Nomiya Maki's debut album as a new wave idol, "Pink no kokoro", is being reissued (again), this time with 2 rare live tracks as a bonus. This is a great album produced by Moonriders' Suzuki Keiichi, which includes "Twiggy Twiggy" (covered with Pizzicato Five in the 90's).
I personally love this album. Some favorites are "Motor Humming", "koi wa mizutama", "genbaku Rock", "Shampoo", "onna tomodachi".

This new edition comes as a higher grade SHM-CD (a format meant for regular CD players), with new artwork and a 24-page booklet containing many early and rare photos.

Nomiya Maki "Pink no kokoro"
野宮真貴 「ピンクの心」

1. onna tomodachi
2. Motor Humming
3. Hula Hoop Rumba
4. Shampoo
5. genbaku Rock
6. funenori janno
7. 17sai no kuchibeni
8. koi wa mizutama
9. bishōnen
10. ehon no naka no Christmas
11. Twiggy Twiggy
12. usagi to watashi
13. Pink no kokoro
14. Lemon no Kiss (1981 Live)
15. Motor Humming (1981 Live)

Victor VICL-70095
Out 10/20, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
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Sampler of all songs

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