Saeki Kenzo & Boogie The Machmotors "21seiki-san Sings Halmens"

Out at the same time as "Pink no kokoro + 2" is this tribute album to early 80's new wave band Halmens (Techno-Pop Academy). Produced by original member Saeki Kenzō, this features guest appearances by Nomiya Maki and Urbangarde's Hamasaki Yōko.

Also released at the same time are re-issues of Halmens albums and a cover album sung by Hatsune Miku.

Saeki Kenzo & Boogie The Machmotors "21seiki-san Sings Halmens"
サエキけんぞう & Boogie The マッハモータース 「21世紀さん Sings ハルメンズ」

1. Gasolin feat. Nomiya Maki chorus Sugi Masamichi
2. tonari no Indo-jin feat. Momoi Haruko
3. Nostal-jii feat. Hamasaki Yōko from Urbangarde
4. yakisoba rōjin
5. hen na yatsu
6. Playzone
7. densha de GO feat. Momoi Haruko
8. mori no hitobito
9. shumi no jidai feat. Hamasaki Yōko from Urbangarde
10. funyafunya Cyborg
11. konchūgun
12. boshi aijō
13. Radar Man
14. ojisama to Cheek feat. Ryūgaki Noboru
15. Gasolin (Nomiya Maki chorus inst.)
16. tonari no Indo-jin (Momoi Haruko chorus inst.)
17. Nostal-jii (Hamasaki Yōko chorus inst.)

Victor VICL-63567
Out 10/20, ¥2381 (excl. tax)
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"Gasolin" feat. Nomiya Maki

Sampler of all songs

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I believe Jun Togawa debuted with the Halmens.

Posted by nick on

... besides of course very early if not debut Maki Nomiya

Posted by nick on

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