Erieza Royal & AsamixJuice "Vacuum"

This is a new 2-girl techno-pop unit with an adult twist, featuring SM queen and punk band Ecodamned drummer Erieza Royal with performer and "doll" maker AsamixJuice. Their first album is produced by Nagata Kazunao and features remixes by Yoshida Tetsuto and Cherryboy Function.

The album comes in a mini-LP sleeve with two different album jackets, one printed on each side. Tower Records offers a bonus mysterious bag of undisclosed content (while supplies last).

Watch their first video below (not safe for work).

Erieza Royal & AsamixJuice "Vacuum"
イライザ ロイヤル & アサミックス ジュース 「バキューム」

1. Rape Feeling (Remixed by Tetsuto Yoshida)
2. Second Girl No.1 (Remixed by Cherryboy Function)
3. binbō inran (Remixed by Organization)
4. Second Girl No.1 -Shōwa Dub Version-
5. binbō inran -Neue Deutsche Welle Version-
6. Rape Feeling -The World of Electronic Sound Version-
7. Rape Feeling (Karaoke)
8. Second Girl No.1 (Karaoke)
9. binbō inran (Karaoke)
10. Utile
11. Submit to my cunt mix
12. All The Things She Said
13. Rape Feeling (Original)
14. Second Girl No.1 (Original)
15. binbō intan (Original)

Out now (12/11), ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV

Music video "Rape Feeling" (not safe for work)

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