Dorian "Melodies Memories EP.1" (12")

Cuts from Dorian's excellent first album "Melodies Memories" are being released on 12". This first EP contains "Shooting Star", the collaboration with Nanao Tavito and rapper Yakenohara, song from 1st video clip "Morning Calling", the cover of Denice Williams' "Free", and a remix. A 2nd EP is expected later in January.

Audio samples of all tracks at Jet Set

Dorian "Melodies Memories EP.1" (12")

A1. Shooting Star feat. Tavito Nanao & Yakenohara
A2. Morning Calling
B1. Free
B2. Disco4.5 (ASYK Mix)

Felicity / Jet Set JS12S063
Out 1/7, ¥1600 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

"Morning Calling"

"Shooting Star"

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Salut Pato et bonne année . Je découvre ton site trés trés bien fait. Voilà exactement ce que je cherchais pour m'aider à découvrir les jeunes créateurs electros nippons. Là j'écoute Dorian et déjà j'adddddooooorrrrre!

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