Dorian "Melodies Memories"

New-comer artist Dorian (aka Mr. Tropical Disco) from the club scene, brings us this first album out now on felicity. The album is mostly instrumental, though it features guest vocals on a few songs by G.Rina, and Tavito Nanao & Yakenohara.

Don't miss the great first video for "Morning Calling" below!

Dorian can be caught live in October at a special free event hosted by Wowow on 12th, and also at Fantastic Explosion's release party on the 22nd (Tokyo Gig Guide). He's also playing many others shows in and out of Tokyo, see his blog.

Dorian "Melodies Memories"
ドリアン 「メロディーズ・メモリーズ」

1. Dorian's Openning Theme
2. Nasty Ice Cream feat. Luvraw & BTB
3. Melodies Memories
4. Flash
5. Natsu No Owari feat. G.Rina
6. Magic Fly Love Affair
7. Free
8. Morning Calling
9. Disco4.5 (ASYK MIX)
10. Shooting Star feat. Tavito Nanao & Yakenohara
11. Crystal Girl

felicity cap-110 / FCT-​1004
Out now (9/15), ¥2100
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, HMV, Tower, YesAsia, CDJapan

"Morning Calling"

"Shooting Star feat. Tavito Nanao & Yakenohara"

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