tofubeats "Lost Decade", "university of remix", "college of remix"

1990-born young genius DJ tofubeats has a first full-length album out now! This features hit song "suisei" (feat. rapper Onomatope Daijin), as well as a lot of new tracks, including songs featuring vocalists Nanba Shiho, PUNPEE, G.RINA, Kariya Seira and more. And guess what, the whole album can currently be heard for free at SoundCloud!

At the same time two collections of remix works have been released. "university of remix" is available on CD, while "college of remix" is available as a digital release only on iTunes Japan.

tofubeats "Lost Decade"

1. intro
2. SO WHAT!? feat. Kariya Seira
4. Les Aventuriers feat. PUNPEE
5. Fresh Salad feat. SKY-HI
6. m3nt1on2u feat. Onomatope Daijin
7. I don't care
8. time thieves
9. yume no naka made feat. ERA
10. old boys
11. No.1 feat. G.RINA
12. touch A
14. synthesizer
15. suisei feat. Onomatope Daijin
16. LOST DECADE feat. Nanba Shiho

Warner QYTB-00001
Out now (4/24), ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , Intro - Lost Decade (Bonus Track Version), Amazon MP3 U.S., Amazon MP3 Japan, OTOTOY
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

tofubeats "university of remix"

1. Denki Groove / MUD EBIS (tofubeats DORO-EBIS mix)
2. Fantastic Plastic Machine / Hey Ladies (tofubeats seitai fumei REMIX feat. Onomatope Daijin)
3. Tokyo Girls Style / Rock You! (tofubeats 1988 dub version)
4. 9nine / natsu wanna say love U (tofubeats remix)
5. SOUL'd OUT / kopernik (tofubeats BXVTS remix)
6. Sasaki Nozomi / papepipu ♪ papipepu ♪ papepipupo ♪ (tofubeats "SHAKE" remix)
7. Kondo Akihisa / tete (tofubeats remix)
8. negoto / sharp# (tofubeats remix)
9. Matt Cab / Touch The Sky feat. VERBAL (m-flo) (tofubeats remix)
10. Koizumi Kyoko / adesugata namida musume (tofubeats BXVTS remix)
11. G.RINA / Did It Again (Tofubeats X G.Rina)
12. sayonara Ponytail / mattari shite shimattari (tofubeats remix)
13. Nanba Shiho / hajimemashite, watashi. (DJ NEWTOWN remix)
14. tengal6 / puchahenza!

Sony SECL-1310
Out now (4/24), ¥2381 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , tofubeats "university of remix" (7 tracks edition)
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

tofubeats "college of remix"

1. tofubeats x Paulie Rhyme / Put It Up
2. SNEEEZE / Desperation (tofubeats zero, seven and eight mix)
3. SLik d & PUNPEE / Motion (tofubeats remix)
4. AJAPS / The Light feat. Wise (tofubeats remix)
5. HALFBY / sanpo (-tofubeats Remix-)
6. 99LETTERS / LA DANCE (tofubeats remix)
7. tofubeats / Miku loves you (OKNUW EDIT)
8. esu-efu / Propella Song (tofubeats remix)
10. choochoogatagoto / A.H (tofubeats remix)
11. GARNiDELiA / Hands (tofubeats remix)

Out now (4/24), ¥1050
Sample/buy: tofubeats "college of remix"

"No.1 feat. G.RINA"

"suisei feat. Onomatope Daijin"

"yume no naka made feat. ERA"

"time thieves"

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