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  1. Takanami Keitarō to Nangasaki Five "Ryōma no hanauta (akaban)"
    Where did Takanami K-tarō go? He's doing fine, back to his hometown of Nagasaki since last year. And it seems like he fell in love with the roots he found there, as he offers this surprising new album consisting of...
    Posted on July 24, 2010 at 00:49. | Released on June 16, 2010

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  1. playtime rock "Play Time"
    Playtime Rock (blog) is the unit of Takanami K-taro (ex-Pizzicato Five) and flutist/singer Ichiba Mina. After last year's split-album "Evening Primrose" (2012), here comes their real first full-length album "Play Time". Half of the tracks are covers of foreign songs...
    Posted on July 23, 2013 at 22:48. | Released on July 24, 2013
  2. Nosa Reina release party w/ Portable Rock, Nomiya Maki, Takanami K-taro
    Text by Patrick Benny for Tokyo's Coolest Sound On November 30, I went to the release party for Nosa Reina's first album "don't kiss, but yes". Producer Takanami K-taro was on stage too part of the band, more on that...
    Posted on December 11, 2012 at 00:19.
  3. arcorhyme afternoon live at Grand Cru (vol.4)
    For the 4th month in a row, arcorhyme will play an early afternoon show at Après-midi Grand Cru, the pasta and wine restaurant located below Café Après-midi. There will be two free sets with different songs. Charge is free, so...
    Posted on June 11, 2008 at 15:00. | Released on June 15, 2008
  4. arcorhyme "amai hibi ~la douce vie~" & "Soundmatic Brain"
    arcorhyme, the new unit of Takanami K-tarō (ex-Pizzicato Five) featuring Nishimura Ikuyo (ex-devbacc), finally has some CD releases coming up! In January we will be treated to not one but two albums! The first, "amai hibi ~la douce vie~", is...
    Posted on November 15, 2007 at 10:51. | Released on January 23, 2008
  5. Future vol.2 (arcorhyme live!)
    arcorhyme, the up-and-coming unit of Takanami K-tarō and Nishimura Ikuyo, will make a quick guest appearance during artist BANK's set at this event. ...
    Posted on October 24, 2007 at 11:51. | Released on November 2, 2007
  6. Jon the Dog double-release
    Jon, the singing and organ-playing dog (really a girl in a fantastic costume), has two interesting CDs coming out soon. The first, "Jon (inu) e, takkomu Disk deko" (「ジョン(犬)へ、たっこむディスク凸」), is a tribute album where no less than 18 artists cover...
    Posted on December 3, 2004 at 11:33. | Released on December 10, 2004

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