Takanami Keitarō to Nangasaki Five "Ryōma no hanauta (akaban)"

Where did Takanami K-tarō go? He's doing fine, back to his hometown of Nagasaki since last year. And it seems like he fell in love with the roots he found there, as he offers this surprising new album consisting of traditional Japanese music, many songs featuring only Nagasaki singer and gekkin player Kotone. Still Takanami's pop sound we know can be found in several tracks performed with a band, including a cover of Burt Bacharach's "Me Japanese Boy" which he sings in duet translated into Nagasaki dialect. Guests include Kawaguchi Yoshiyuki (Kuricorder Quartet), Watanabe Masami (the fascinations) and Groove Unchant.

Sub-titled "Lounge music of Bakumatsu" (referring to the end of the Edo period), this album is out on his new label Playtime Rock (blog) and a follow-up release is expected around July-August.

Takanami Keitarō to Nangasaki Five "Ryōma no hanauta (akaban)"
高浪慶太郎となんがさき ふぁいぶ 「龍馬のハナ唄(赤盤)」

1. sanminkyo
2. Nagasaki buraburabushi ~ sono ichi
3. meriifuhaa
4. sasō ~haru wa 3gatsu~
5. yosakoibushi ~ sono ichi
6. peepanchau (Instrumental)
7. Nagasaki buraburabushi ~ gekkin hen
8. suisenka
9. sakurazaka (Instrumental)
10. kinzuenfahaa
11. Me Japanese Boy
12. aru hareta hi ni (Instrumental)

Playtime Rock PTR-001
Out now (6/16), ¥2667 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Find out more about: Groove Unchant, Kuricorder Quartet, TAKANAMI K-taro, the fascinations

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That's great news for us, K-Taro fans! I hope it can be ordered from CDJapan!!

BTW, I gave Guille Milkyway (the guy from La Casa Azul) the 2 Arcorhyme albums I had twice (by mistake in my order on amazon.co.jo) on the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, but he said he already had them!! Hahaha

Posted by Damian on

I had checked CDJapan but unfortunately it isn't there. That might have to do with the fact that it's released on a new indies label.

And very cool about Milkyway! He's truly a big Shibuya-kei fan. :)

Posted by Patrick on

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