salyu x salyu "hanashitai anata to" (Download)

A new song by salyu x salyu again produced by Cornelius (who produced her recent album salyu x salyu "s(o)un(d)beams") is now available for download on iTunes Japan. The song, of which the title translates to "I want to talk with you", has been heard recently on a TV commercial for AU mobile phone Infobar A01 (watch it below).

salyu x salyu "hanashitai anata to" (Download)
salyu x salyu 「話したいあなたと」

Out now (8/10), ¥200
Sample/buy: 話したいあなたと - 話したいあなたと - Single

Video clip teaser

Infobar A01 mobile phone TV commercial

How to buy from iTunes Japan from overseas

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salyu x salyu "s(o)un(d)beams"

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Cool song! they should make another album together that would be fantastic,,
btw there's no link to download the song :(

Posted by rösier on

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