mishmash* Julie Watai "The Second Album" (Booklet+Download)

mishmash* Julie Watai, unit produced by Mishima Toyoaki ("the man behind Cornelius") and featuring singer/model/photographer Julie Watai, has a new album out now! This "Second Album" contains new songs "Do a 180" and "Heartbrakeroid" and the previously digitally released "Electromotive Romances", all in both Japanese and English versions. Also included are new remixes of previously released songs.

Beware, this package does not include a CD, but rather comes as a A5-size booklet of 40 pages with a download code. At least Amazon includes an original desktop calendar with the first pressing.

mishmash* Julie Watai "The Second Album"

1. kidenryoku Romance
2. maware migi, nigerunda
3. Heartbrakeroid
4. Reverb no oku ni [34423 mix]
5. koi no tamashii [COR!S mix]
6. Go Farby Go [COR!S mix]
7. 3pun Shakespear [sawako mix]
8. Gradol o utanai de [Tomohiko Gondo mix]
9. Scattered / Go-qualia
10. Electromotive Romances (English version)
11. Do a 180 (English version)
12. Heartbrakeroid (English version)

mishmash* MMPX-39
Out now (12/5), ¥1829 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"Do a 180"


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