mishmash* Julie Watai "Electromotive romances" (Download)

mishmash* Julie Watai, unit of Cornelius' programmer Mishima Toyoaki (blog) with singer/model/photographer Julie Watai, has a 4th digital single that was released recently. The song is available in English and Japanese versions.

A self-titled CD album that comes with a book was released at the end of last year and is available at Amazon Japan, Amazon U.S., YesAsia and CDJapan.

mishmash* Julie Watai "Electromotive romances" (Download)

Out now (5/26)
Order: Electromotive Romances - Single by Mishmash*Julie Watai, Amazon, Amazon U.S.

mishmash* Julie Watai "kidenryoku Romance" (Download)
mishmash* Julie Watai 「起電力ロマンス」

Out now (5/26)
Order: Kidenryoku Romance - Single by Mishmash*Julie Watai, Amazon Japan, Amazon U.S.

"Electromotive romances"

"kidenryoku Romance"

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