Wakita Monari "I'm with you" (CD+7")

Wakita Monari (ex-Especia) has a 3rd single being released this week, ahead of a 1st solo album to come later on July 26! The new single's title song is a house tune written and produced by Fukutomi Yukihiro! Mellow jazz track B-side "Est! Est!! Est!!!" was written by Yafune Tetsurō and arranged by Arai Toshiya (Count Joke), with chorus by Smooth Ace! Although both songs will be included on the album, the single has an exclusive extended version of "I'm with you".

The release comes as a set of 7" and CD that includes instrumentals.

An in-store event with a mini-live will be held at HMV record shop Shinjuku Alta on June 20 from 19:00. Buying the single and/or pre-ordering the album (w/ advance payment) there can get you an autograph, poster and a photo together. Details here. Other in-store events will be held on June 21 from 19:00 at Tower Records Ikebukuro (details), and on Sunday June 25 from 14:30 at Tower Records Shinjuku (details). Check out Monari's full schedule here.

Wakita Monari "I'm with you" (CD+7")
脇田もなり 「I'm with you」

A. I'm with you -Extended Version-
B. EST! EST!! EST!!!
A. I'm with you -Extended Version- (instrumental)
B. EST! EST!! EST!!! (instrumental)

A. I'm with you -Extended Version-
B. EST! EST!! EST!!!

Vivid Sound / High Contrast HCCD-9589
Out 6/21, ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"I'm with you"

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