Various Artists "Yokocho Rising"

"Yokochō Rising" is an event that has been held 5 times so far in the rebuilt food stall area of Kesennuma Yokochō in Sendai. This compilation of artists who took part in the event, including several songs written/arranged by BUBBLE-B, a song featuring acolyte Enjo-G, a remix by Groove Unchant, and many more.

This album was released earlier this year, but a digest clip has just surfaced on YouTube which makes it the right timing to bring it up.

Various Artists "Yokocho Rising"
オムニバス 「横丁ライジング」

(Title / Artist)
1. kaimaku! / MC School of Jackie
2. RISING / Yokochō Rising All-Stars
3. ai no Lunch Mucho / Yokochō Rising All-Stars
4. glitch mouse take1 / surapurutame
5. Welcome to DiamRekk!! / DiamRekk
6. tenkū no shiro / Seki Asshi
7. Yo! Sexy Girl / BUBBLE-B feat. Enjo-G
8. omoi / syoco
9. 1974 / SCK GIRLS
10. RISING (remix by Groove Unchant) / Yokochō Rising All-Stars
11. ai no Lunch Mucho (Bedside Dessert Ver.) / Yoshida Junya

Yokocho Rising Records YOKO-001
Out now (6/27), ¥1000 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, Tower Records
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Digest clip

Find out more about: Bubble-B, Enjo-G, Groove Unchant

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