Various Artists "Motivation H compiled by DJ Towa Tei"

Towa Tei has a new compilation, 8th of his "Motivation" series, coming in July! This one is called "Motivation H", after his regular party "Hotel H" that started last summer. Included are 4 new remixes of his own tracks, 3 that have been previously released on iTunes, and a new one of the song "Milky Way" by Sunahara Yoshinori! The rest is of course made of Towa's current favorite tracks, both major and rare ones.

There will be a release party the Friday following release, on July 9, featuring a special unit called O/S/T... that's Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius), Sunahara Yoshinori, and of course Towa Tei.

Various Artists "Motivation H compiled by DJ Towa Tei"

1. Milky Way (YSST 2010 Remix) / Towa Tei
2. Taste of You (Zickzack Remix) / Towa Tei TOWA TEI - Taste of You (Zick Zack Remix)
3. Mercy Time / The 2 Bears
4. I Want Sax / Bobby & Klien
5. Can't Make It Thru Another Day (Grant Nelson Remix) / Timmy Vegas & The Universe Band Presents Jennifer Wallace
6. Why Don't You (Greenmoney's Gramophountzied Remix) / Gramophonedzie
7. Survivor / Soom-T
8. Path of Most Resistance / Pepe Bradock
9. Circles 2009 (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix) / Mustafa feat. Natalia
10. Here We Go feat. Dynamite MC (Radio Edit) / DJ Fumiya
11. Mind Wall (SO TT Remix) / Towa Tei TOWA TEI - Mind Wall (SO TT Remix)
12. Lyricist (ajapai Remix) / Towa Tei TOWA TEI - Lyricist (ajapai Remix) - Single

huginc. HICL-20101
Out 7/7, ¥2400 (excl. tax)
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