Various Artists "Juicy Fruits"

This compilation has for theme "covers of songs with fruits in their title". Tracks are produced by young units Cherryboy Function, Harley & Quin, Beat Panama, etc., and featured vocalists include Yuppa of Hazel Nuts Chocolate (with a Halcali cover!), Lemon (is it this Lemon who recently appeared on a columbia*readymade compilation?), Be The Voice's Wada Junko and more.

Various Artists "Juicy Fruits"

Various Artists "Juicy Fruits" オムニバス1. Cherry (Spitz) / Wada Junko (Be The Voice)
2. Raspberry Dream (Rebecca) / Sawa
3. Strawberry Chips (Halcali) / Yuppa (Hazel Nuts Chocolate)
4. ringo no uta (Sheena Ringo) / Lemon
5. Strawberry Sex (Hirai Ken) / Wada Junko (Be The Voice)
6. Raspberry Pie (Nakanomori Band) / cinnabom
7. Banana no namida (ushiroyubi sasaregumi) / Yuppa (Hazel Nuts Chocolate)
8. ichigobatake de tsukamaete (Matsuda Seiko) / Lemon
9. Lemon Candy (Chara) / Wada Junko (Be The Voice)
10. fushigi na Peach Pie (Takeuchi Maria) / cinnabom
11. manatsu no kajitsu (Southern All Stars) / Luvraw & BTB (PPP)

Slowhand Relation LWCD-10
Out 2/18, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
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