Various Artists "Groovy Sauce -Arrabbiata-"

I didn't know of this compilation until I saw it sold at Jet Set Leger. This is a selection of songs that have been previously released (or at least for the most part) on the popular "Groovy Sauce Collection" vinyl series from Nakatsuka Takeshi's (Qypthone) Delicatessen Recordings.

Audio samples at Victor

Various Artists "Groovy Sauce -Arrabbiata-"

(Title / Artist)
1. Moon River / Nakatsuka Takeshi feat. Igarashi Harumi
2. a note from sky / Fujisawa Shiho
3. so good so right! / Che Sa Mossa
4. An uplift state / NA-3LDK
5. vivre sa vie / Miura Makoto
6. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) / The Lowbrows
7. you'll be allright / Iwaya Shigeru
8. Les Musician / Fujisawa Shiho feat. Pecombo
9. Faraway Beach / NA-3LDK
10. Things in there / Fujisawa Shiho
11. The Happiest Street In The World / Qypthone
12. Cheese Cellar / Nakatsuka Takeshi

Victor VICL-62036
Out now (8/23), ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon, Amazon U.S., Shiho Fujisawa featuring Pecombo - GROOVY SAUCE -Arrabbiata-

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