Various Artists "Ace 2", "Ace ep" (7"x2)

Konishi Yasuharu compiles another CD from Sony's J-Pop hit catalog, consisting of songs that have not been released on 7". This follows the release of "Ace" last February that was the starting point to the release of several 7" singles of songs Konishi wished to have for his DJ gigs. This time in addition to hits are some rarities and also two brand new edits: Pizzicato Five's "Lovers' Rock -no dub-" and Clémentine's "Weekend -'Ace' edit-"! A must for fans! All songs can be sampled at CDJapan and other links below.

Out at the same time is a set of two 7"'s of four songs from the previous compilation. See "Ace ep" below for details.

"Ace" project official site

Those who buy either of these at Tower Records Shibuya can go to a special party there on Friday September 15 from 19:30, featuring all DJs from monthly event (((((((A))))))) (details). A special appearance by Watanabe Marina as the opening act has also been announced. Being the 3rd Friday of the month, the party will continue at Organ b. afterwards.

Various Artists "Ace 2" (7"x2)
オムニバス 「エース2」

(Title / Artist)
1. ai no sainō / Kawamoto Makoto
2. zurui onna / Sharam Q
3. Timing / Black Biscuits
4. yureru taion (TYO mix) / ACO
5. ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE / Magokoro Bros
6. Ekesetene (KONISHI'S EDIT) / Modern Choki Chokies
7. atashi nande dakishimetain darō? / CHARA
8. yasashii kimochi / CHARA
9. Let's Fly The Ad-Balloon / Oh! Penelope
10. Two of us / Miyazawa Rie
11. MAN ON THE EARTH / Ōe Senri
12. Carnival / Kihara Satomi
13. taisetsu / Komorita Minoru
14. Lovers' Rock -no dub- / Pizzicato Five (New Edit)
15. kimo to boku / Suzuki Lanlan
16. Weekend -"Ace" edit- / Clémentine (New Edit)
17. seppun / Goshima Yoshiko
18. boku no okurimono / Rising Chart Singers (First time on CD)

Great Tracks MHCL-2699
Out 9/13, ¥2200 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Various Artists "Ace ep" (7"x2)
オムニバス 「エースep」

(Title / Artist)
A. Shibuya de 5ji (1996 Chocolate mix) / Suzuki Masayuki & Kikuchi Momoko
B. Shanghai Honey / Orange Range
C. V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N / Yoshimura Yumi
D. Wedding Bell / Puffy

Great Tracks MHKL-6
Out 9/13, ¥3500 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

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