Various Artists "14 Girls' Life"

This compilation titled "14 Girls' Life" has a concept of featuring female vocalists from different genres, from electronica to post-rock, jazz and future-pop. I'm delighted to see favorite future-pop artists such as Iguchi Miho (Aprils), Yuppa (Hazel Nuts Chocolate) and EeL, featured alongside friend midori hirano (MySpace).

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Various Artists "14 Girls' Life"

1. Slowly / Ayako Akashiba (Guitar)
2. Triangle / midori hirano
3. Let Me See / rurarakiss
4. Keep Making Fun Of Me feat. Ōtani Yoshio / EeL
5. Sleepwalker / Anna Yamada (Comainu)
6. Apple (english version) / Yuki Takahashi (Paradigm)
7. Fine feat. Mr.Plamo a.k.a. yim / Yuppa (Hazel Nuts Chocolate)
8. Fonceca / Fukatani Aya (Remigai)
9. Don't Wanna Fall In Love / Iguchi Miho (Aprils)
10. Cocoon feat. Paradigm / choco (Spaghetti Vabune!)
11. Lion feat. Serph / Yoshida Ami (Astro Twin, Cosmos)
12. Kyoto, Osaka, Inagi / Noriko Taguchi (Harp On Mouth Sextet)
13. Murder Case feat.World's End Girlfriend / suzueri
14. Shiny Diamond / Yukina

elegantdisc ELECD-08
Out 4/4, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV

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