VIDEOTAPEMUSIC, a talentful artist who is both a prolific video director (using old video tapes for source) and also makes exotic music with pianica sounds, has a brand new album coming this month! There's an appearance by female rapper NOPPAL, and the many guest musicians include Tsuruoka Ryū (aka LUVRAW, behind the Image Cluv label), Arban Sachs, Arauchi Yū (cero), members of Omoideyaro A Team, The Gossip of Jaxx (support band of Ego-Wrappin') and more.

Amazon and HMV give away a promo sticker (while supplies last). For those in Japan, Tower Records gives away a bonus promo CD.

A special show for the release will be held on November 23 at Motion Blue Yokohama, and another one in Tokyo on December 27 at Kinema Club. Check out his full schedule here.


1. On The Air
2. Sultry Night Slow
3. Ushihama
4. Pontiana
5. Devils in a Jungle
6. Hot Sand Beach Rumba
7. Motor Pool
8. Her Favorite Song
9. Her Favorite Moments feat. NOPPAL
10. Fiction Romance
11. Chimney

Kakubarhythm DDCK-1052
Out 10/25, ¥2700 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"Fiction Romance"

"Sultry Night Slow"

Digest clip

Trailer clip

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