U-zhaan "Tabla Rock Mountain"

Tabla musician U-zhaan (formerly of Asa-chang & Junray) has a first solo album out now. Featured are guest artists Sakamoto Ryūichi (on a cover of YMO's "Technopolis"), Cornelius, Hanaregumi, De De Mouse, Hifana, Kakato (Tamaki Roy & Chinza Dopeness), Ametsub and agraph.

All songs can be sampled at Amazon or HMV. The album is also available to buy in digital format directly from U-zhaan's site (in WAV and MP3 formats).

U-zhaan "Tabla Rock Mountain"

1. Getting Ready - U-zhaan
2. Chicken Masala Bomb - U-zhaan x HIFANA
3. Tabla'n'Rap - U-zhaan x KAKATO (Tamaki ROY x Chinza DOPENESS)
4. Welcome Rain - U-zhaan x Ametsub
5. ore no shōuchū - U-zhaan x Hanaregumi
6. Flying Nimbus - U-zhaan x DE DE MOUSE
7. Technopolis - U-zhaan x Sakamoto Ryūichi
8. Homesick in Calcutta - U-zhaan x Cornelius
9. Raga Mishra Kafi - U-zhaan x Babui x agraph

Golden Harvest Recordings GDHV-003
Out 10/8, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , Tabla Rock Mountain by U-zhaan
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"Homesick in Calcutta Vol.1" (look for the other volumes too!)


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