"'Tasha Tudor - a still water story' Soundtrack"

"Tasha Tudor - a still water story" is a documentary movie by Japanese director Matsutani Mitsue that followed for ten years Tasha Tudor, a picture book writer and maker of beautiful gardens. This movie soundtrack features music by sione (aka Yukawa Shione), world's end girlfriend, mio-sotido, Yoshihara Rie and Hatis Noit.

Hear samples in the preview clip below and at Bandcamp.

"'Tasha Tudor - a still water story' Soundtrack"
「『ターシャ・テューダー 静かな水の物語』サウンドトラック」

(Title / Artist)
1. Winter Fire Place / world's end girlfriend
2. What a Day / sione
3. Happiness / mio-sotido
4. Sweet Cycle / world's end girlfriend
5. Nocturnal Dialogue / world's end girlfriend
6. Blooming Blooming! / sione
7. Weeding the Garden / mio-sotido
8. The Bottom of a Lake / world's end girlfriend
9. Share the Joys / Yoshihara Rie
10. Graceful Cycle / world's end girlfriend
11. Link / Hatis Noit
12. Winter Calms / world's end girlfriend
13. Nocturnal Whispers / world's end girlfriend
14. Delightful Days / Yoshihara Rie
15. The Clock Loses Time / sione
16. Pumpkin Moonshines / Yoshihara Rie
17. Little Happiness / mio-sotido
18. Family / mio-sotido
19. Wealth of Flowers (Garden ver.) / sione
20. What a Day (instrumental) / sione

Virgin Babylon Records VBR-041
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Album preview

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