Takahashi Yukihiro & Metafive "Techno Recital", Takahashi Yukihiro with In Phase "Phase" (DVD+Blu-ray+2 CDs)

In January this year, Takahashi Yukihiro (YMO) formed a super-group under the name Takahashi Yukihiro & Metafive, also featuring Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius), Towa Tei, Sunahara Yoshinori, Gondō Tomohiko (anonymass, pupa) and Leo Imai. The concert they played at Ex Theater Roppongi is now being released on CD.

Also last year, a tour was held the name Takahashi Yukihiro with In Phase, this time with a band featuring James Iha, Takakuwa Kei (Curly Giraffe), Horie Hirohisa (Neil & Iraiza) and Gondō Tomohiko. This one is being released as a deluxe limited pressing that comes with DVD and Blu-ray discs (both formats!) and a 2-CD set of the show's audio.

Both of these special bands were thought to be one-time opportunities, but they can fortunately be seen again live at the World Happiness festival on August 10. Not to be missed!

Yukihiro Takahashi & Metafive "Techno Recital"

1. Meta~Opening
2. Cue
3. Ballet
4. Now and Then
5. Lay My Love
6. Radio
7. Radioactivist
8. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
9. I Need You
10. Everybody Had A Hard Year
11. Turn Turn
12. Still Walking To The Beat
13. La femme chinoise
14. Disposable Love
15. Drip Dry Eyes
16. Something In The Air

Universal Music TYCT-69022
Out 7/23, ¥3000 (excl. tax)
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Yukihiro Takahashi with In Phase "Phase" (Blu-ray+DVD+2 CDs)
高橋幸宏 with In Phase 「PHASE」

1. Another Door
2. Looking For Words
3. Time To Go
4. Last Summer
5. That's Alright (It Will Be Alright)
6. The Old Friends Cottage
7. Ghost Behind My Back
8. The Price To Pay
9. Blue Moon Blue
10. Where Are You Heading To?
11. To Who Knows Where
12. End Of An Error
13. Shadow
14. All That We Know
15. World In A Maze
16. Follow You Down
17. Something In The Air
18. The April Fools

Universal Music TYXT-19004
Out 7/23, ¥7200 (excl. tax)
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Takahashi Yukihiro & Metafive "Techno Recital" official bootleg trailer

Yukihiro Takahashi with In Phase "Phase" official trailer

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I just received Techno Recital, it's so perfect. I wish I'd been to that show.

Posted by Pierre-Olivier on

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