Tachibana Hajime "Monaco" (USB)

Tachibana Hajime, guitarist of the Plastics and also graphic designer, has a new album out now! "Monaco" was released last year as an expensive limited package (at ¥12000), but now here it is in a more easily reachable form.

"Monaco" is actually a font that was available on early Macs. Tachibana Hajime took inspiration from it to create the "Monaco Regular" and "Monaco Light" fonts for both Mac and Windows. These are included in this uniquely shaped USB memory stick, as well as 13 tracks that feature collaborations with Fujiwara Hiroshi, Takagi Kan, Osawa Shinichi and more. 4 rare live tracks by the Plastics from a show in 1977 are also included.

Don't miss checking out this special site (about the original release). Audio samples can all be found here. This album is also available on iTunes worldwide (without the fonts though).

Tachibana Hajime "Monaco" (USB)
立花ハジメ 「Monaco」

1. Max's Kansas City
2. 19th Neurvous Breakdown
3. Ricky's Delight
4. Font kana?
5. Banana 2002 tii
6. Coming into Los Angeles
7. Marcello
8. Modern Things Karaoke
9. PLASTICS Live at Q's Bar 1977 _Opening
10. PLASTICS Live at Q's Bar 1977 _In Tokyo
11. PLASTICS Live at Q's Bar 1977 _Nato
12. PLASTICS Live at Q's Bar 1977 _Too Much Information
13. Modern Things Piano (Bonus Track)

UMA UMA-1035
Out now (4/16), ¥4000 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , 立花ハジメ "Monaco"
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

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