Shuntaro Okino "Too Far [F-A-R Remixes]"

Okino Shuntarō (ex-Venus Peter) released last year album "F-A-R" (CDJapan), his first solo album since 2001 ("Gimmie Brighter" as Indian Rope). Now here comes a remix album including remixes by Cornelius, Salon Music, Nakamura Kōji (LAMA, ex-Supercar, aka iLL, Nyantora), Katayose Akito (Chocolat & Akito, GREAT3, as "Akito Bros") and many others.

Shuntarō Okino "Too Far [F-A-R Remixes]"

1. I'm Alright. Are You Okay? (Lady elenoa mix) Remixed by The Lakemusic
2. The Love Sick (Akio Yamamoto Remix) Remixed by Akio Yamamoto
3. The Light (bluewater Remix) Remixed by bluewater
4. Summer Rain (Shunter Okino Remix) Remixed by Shuntarō Okino
5. Welcome To My World (YODATARO Welcome home mix) Remixed by YODATARO
6. Swayed (Linn Mori Remix) Remixed by Linn Mori
7. The Light (Indian Rope Remix) Remixed by Indian Rope
8. Moon River No.1 (Salon Music Remix) Remixed by Salon Music
9. kono yoru ni sayonara (Cornelius Remix) Remixed by Cornelius
10. Daydream Of You (Akito Bros Remix) Remixed by Akito Bros
11. The Light (I'm the 2016 light years home mix) Remixed by Jun Takayama a.k.a Speedometer
12. We Are Stories (w/The F-A-Rs Remix) Remixed by Shuntarō Okino
13. koe wa Power (Koji Nakamura Remix) Remixed by Koji Nakamura
14. When Tomorrow Ends (speakeasy mix) Remixed by Sugar Plant

Indian Summer ISCD-0006
Out now (6/15), ¥2300 (excl. tax)
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"koe wa Power (Koji Nakamura Remix)"

"The Love Sick (Akio Yamamoto Remix) (edit)"

"Moon River No.1 (Salon Music Remix) (edit)"

"kono yoru ni sayonara (Cornelius Remix) (edit)"

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