Shunosuke Ishikawa "Can't wait for spring" (Download)

Saxophonist Ishikawa Shūnosuke has just released a new EP this week, on Nakatsuka Takeshi's digital label Delicatessen Recordings. All three songs are new originals.

Shūnosuke Ishikawa Big Bang will perform a show on May 2 at JZ Brat in Shibuya, with a total of 17 musicians on stage. There will be a guest appearance by singer noon. Details here.

Shūnosuke Ishikawa "Can't Wait for Spring" (Download)
石川周之助 「Can't Wait for Spring」

1. Can't Wait For Spring
2. Minot In The Mirror
3. On Second Thought

Delicatessen Recordings
Out now (3/27)
Sample/buy: Can't Wait for Spring - Single by Shunosuke Ishikawa on iTunes (World), 石川周之介の "Can't Wait For Spring - Single"を iTunes で (Japan), Amazon MP3 U.S.

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