Record Day 2016

Record Day (not the same as "Record Store Day") has been set to coincide with Japan's "Culture Day" public holiday on November 3 since 1957. Since last year, Japan's only record press Tōyō Kasei takes the lead inviting Japanese artists and labels to release vinyl records on Record Day.

The full list of this year's releases can be viewed here, but here are just a few picks that are likely to interest Tokyo's Coolest Sound's readers.

Groove Unchant "kagami no naka no 10gatsu / I Thought It Was You" (7")
GROOVE UNCHANT 「鏡の中の十月 / I Thought It Was You」

This 7" includes 2 new remixes of songs from Groove Unchant's solo album "Notre Musique" (2010). Nishiura Kensuke (ex-Sōtaiseiriron) remixes "kagami no nakano 10gatsu", and Disco2 remixes "I Thought It Was You". Groove Unchant's label Unchantable Records (a sub-label of Orange Records) is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

A. kagami no naka no 10gatsu feat. Hamasaki Yōko (Urbangarde) (Nishiura Kensuke Remix)
B. I Thought It Was You feat. Shimoyama Yōko (Bougain Ville-A) (Disco2 Remix)

Unchantable Records UCT-024
Out now (11/3), ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

Learners / The Swing Kids "Why Do Fools Fall in Love / Growing Up" (7")

Matsuda "Chabe" Gakuji's band LEARNERS has released a split 7" with "punkabilly" band The Swing Kids. Included are covers of "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" and Hi-Standard's "Growing Up".

(Artist / Title)
A. LEARNERS / Why Do Fools Fall in Love
B. The Swing Kids / GROWING UP

Niw! Records NIW-126
Order: Jet Set, HMV, CDJapan

Hirayama Miki "Angel baby of midnight" (7")
平山みき 「真夜中のエンジェル・ベイビー」
(Japanese title: "mayonaka no Angel Baby")

This is a brand new version of Hirayama Miki's hit song "mayonaka no Angel Baby" (original 1975), produced by Arai Toshiya (Count Joke). The B-side is a remix by Comoesta Yaegashi (Comoestas)!

A. mayonaka no Angel Baby
B. mayonaka no Angel Baby (Comoesta Yaegashi Remix)

Unchantable Records UCT-023
Out now (11/3), ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

Blue Café / Ritmo Fantastico feat. Yuki Ohta "Le Theme de Blue Cafe pt.1 / Haven't We Met" (7")

Blue Cafe is a long-running monthly party held since 1999 at Organ b. in Shibuya. The party's theme song, made by regular DJs Suzuki Masanori, Mitani Shohei and Azuma Riki (Small Circle of Friends), has been remastered and re-edited for this release. The B-side is Kenny Rankin's "Haven't We Met" covered by Ritmo Fantastico, unit of Mitani Shōhei and Hirano Eiji (Happiness Records), featuring singer Ohta Yuki.

(Artist / Title)
A. BLUE CAFÉ / Le Theme de Blue Cafe pt.1
B. Ritmo Fantastico feat. Yuki Ohta / Haven't We Met

Unchantable Records UCT-022
Out now (11/3), ¥1400 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

Salome Lips "miwaku no Golden Hit shū" (12")
サロメの唇 「魅惑のゴールデンヒット集」

Showa 40's-themed group Salome Lips (Japanese name: Salome no kuchibiru) formed in 2003 has released a first greatest hits album. In addition to 8 previously released songs selected by the members, included are a new recording of an early song plus a brand new one.

A1. atsui suna
A2. ame no hidamari
A3. tsubame misaki (New recording)
A4. akai inazuma
A5. omukae fushi
B1. Salvia o watashi ni
B2. kisha ni yurarete
B3. heperapera fushi
B4. nai mono nedari
B5. mimei no Rhythm (New recording of previously unreleased song)

Sazanami Label SZDW-1025
Out now (11/3), ¥3300 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon

fox capture plan & bohemianvoodoo "color & monochrome LP" (12")

The Playwright label's instrumental jazz bands fox capture plan and bohemianvoodoo have previously released a split mini-album titled "color & monochrome" (2013), and a 2nd called "color & monochrome 2" is coming in December. This special LP contains all 8 songs from both CDs.

(Title / Artist)
A1. Nomad / bohemianvoodoo
A2. Other Side / fox capture plan
A3. Defence Colony / bohemianvoodoo
A4. Hollow Abyss / fox capture plan
B1. Acceleration / fox capture plan
B2. Golden Forest / bohemianvoodoo
B3. Turning Point / fox capture plan
B4. Aquarium / bohemianvoodoo

Playwright PWLP-30
Out now (11/3), ¥3241 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, CDJapan, Amazon

rei harakami "Lust" (2 LP)

This is a 2-LP edition of rei harakami's 4th album "lust". Comes as gatefold jacket.

rings RINR-1
Out now (11/3), ¥4630 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, CDJapan, Amazon, HMV

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