Pyokn "Be Yourself" (Download)

Label Flawless World (post-Usagi-chang Records) has a new digital release available now for female vocal unit Pyokn. The 3 main tracks have been selected from previously released on album "Colorful Vibration" (2004, Amazon), and remastered to suit the label's direction. Also included is a remix by st.classics (aka label boss Suzuki Akira).

Pyokn "Be Yourself" (Download)

1. Be Yourself
2. hone no koe
3. maboroshi no kissuisen
4. Be Yourself (st.classics Remix)

Flawless World FWDR-001
Out now (7/27), ¥600
Sample/buy: Japan - Be Yourself - BE YOURSELF, other countries - Be Yourself - Be Yourself

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