Pizzicato Five "pizzicato five we dig you"

This Pizzicato Five mix album will feature 5 minutes anything-goes P5 cut-up mixes by Sunaga Tatsuo, Tokiwa Hibiki, cubismo grafico, Yoshida Tetsuto, Handsomeboy Technique (who made his track's length 5:24!), Halfby, Boot Beat, Kawanishi Suguru...
No need to mark your calendars though, just remember it's out on the international Konishi day: 5/24!

At least some of these tracks will be available in advance on iTMS Japan. (Details)
All songs be previewed on Columbia's Pizzicato Five discography.

By the way, there will be a special Pizzicato Five campaign allowing anyone to be able to get original P5 goods! You have to buy ALL 17 CDs released on 3/31 PLUS this one, and send-in all 18 proofs of purchase to get the stuff. Beware though, this offer may well be void outside of Japan.

Pizzicato Five "pizzicato five we dig you"
(Formerly entitled "5 minutes of pizzicato five")

Pizzicato Five "pizzicato five we dig you"1. Halfby "pizzichannelesson 5~ Halfby no josei jōi jidai"
2. Tokiwa Hibiki "Pizzicato Five no kangaeta koto wa nan desuka."
3. Boot Beat "exam from 524"
4. Kawanishi Suguru "A revolt of turntable & p5"
5. Yoshida Tetsuto "The Ultimate Pizzicato Lesson 5-4-3-2-1"
6. Sunaga t̀ Experience "radio P5"
7. Cubismo Grafico "PizziCUT Five UP Anthems"
8. Pizzicato Five "Bossa Nova 3003"
9. pandart sasanoooha "Pizzicato Five X"
10. Cardiff Girl "Talhot Strings (good morning cardiff girl)"
11. Handsomeboy Technique "Yikes! Peach Cut 5'24"!!"

columbia*readymade COCP-50928
Out 5/24, ¥2200 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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Concernant Pizzicato Five X de Pandart... As-tu écouté le Pizzicato Five X 1 et 2 qu'il y a sur la version vinyle du ep 24 décembre ? Es-ce que c'est la même version que sur le cd, excepté divisé en deux ?

Posted by Maxime Arsenault on

Moi je n'ai que le CD donc je peux pas comparer. Il contient effectivement seulement une track, donc probablement que celle-ci a été divisé en deux pour le vinyl.

Posted by Patrick on

What does this 524 mean?

Posted by Jansku on

That's "Konishi" phonetically translated into numbers. He uses "524" in his remix titles, merchandise design, etc. His vinyl label is also called 524 records.

Posted by Patrick on

True. Mystery solved. Thanks! I had been wondering about that for some time now.

now playing: Beret - Ai no kotoba (Readymade 524 mix)

Posted by Jansku on

acho-os porreirinhos!

Posted by mariinha on

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