P.O.P "okaasan ni kiite minai to wakaranai"

Rapper twins-fronted hip-hop band P.O.P (not to be confused with newcomer idol group POP...) has a 2nd album out now, follow-up to "tanoshii koto bakari arimasu yō ni." (2014)! The 15-song album features guests such as Nakatsuka Takeshi, BIKKE (Tokyo No.1 Soul Set), singer STAMP from Thailand, and many others. Expect a lot of fresh groovy and funky sounds, with a good dose of Shibuya-kei roots.

A special release live will be held on January 10 at Daikanyama Unit, together with a bunch of artists featured on the album (details). Meanwhile P.O.P can also be seen on December 31 at a countdown event at Shibuya Loop Annex (details).

P.O.P "okaasan ni kiite minai to wakaranai"
P.O.P 「おかあさんにきいてみないとわからない」

1. okaasan ni kiite minai to warakanai feat. BIKKE
2. Stand by me feat. Shiina Junpei
3. The Last Train feat. Baba Tomoya
4. byōdō ni WEEKEND feat. Cello a.k.a Massan
6. BEER so good!
7. Like a stone
9. hajimari no hi feat. Nakatsuka Takeshi
10. Yeah - feat. CHAN-MIKA
11. ie
12. ABC no kaigan de feat. Victoria&SKM (digda)
13. roji no Piano feat. Saitō Ryōji
14. Endless Christmas feat. Iwasaki Taisei
15. One Chance feat. Usui Miton

indahouse DQC-1508
Out now (12/2), ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , P.O.Pの "おかあさんにきいてみないとわからない"を iTunes で (Japan )
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"The Last Train feat. Baba Tomoya"

"Stand by me feat. Shiina Junpei"


"roji no Piano feat. Saitō Ryōji"

"One Chance feat. Usui Miton"

"BEER so good!"

Album digest

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