P.O.P "tanoshii koto bakari arimasu yō ni."

P.O.P (previously known as P.O.P ORCHeSTRA) is a hip-hop band led by two identical twin rappers. They have long been active on stage, and have released several songs on iTunes before, but finally here comes their first album being released on Nakatsuka Takeshi's label Delicatessen Recordings.

The band has guitar, bass, flute, keyboards and drums, and their sound will appeal to Shibuya-kei fans around the world. Featured guest artists include Nakatsuka Takeshi, Bikke (Tokyo No.1 Soul Set), Small Circle of Friends, Darthreider and more.

HMV gives away a bonus commentary CD-R in which the members give details about each song. All tracks can be sampled at Amazon.

A release party will be held at Shibuya JZ Brat on Sunday June 22, with all guests mentioned above. Find details here.

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P.O.P "tanoshii koto bakari arimasu yō ni."
P.O.P 「たのしいことばかりありますように」

1. sai wa nagerareta
2. Watch me
3. bonnō Thank you
4. fuinKeyword
5. INTERLUDE by Baba
6. yume de asobitai feat. Small Circle of Friends
7. Don't think. BEER!
8. namida
9. INTERLUDE by Naoki
10. Showtime feat. Takeshi Nakatsuka
11. minna betsubō no yoru
12. mon to the mon
13. INTERLUDE by Takashi
14. name Identity
15. chugakusei nikki feat. BIKKE (TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET)
16. katte ni abunai Rap dōjō feat. DARTHREIDER
17. S.F.M.F.
18. INTERLUDE by Ryoji
19. hontō wa utaitai yo

Delicatessen Recordings DQC-1290
Out now (6/18), ¥1852 (excl. tax)
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"Watch me"

"namida" (Live)

Find out more about: Bikke, Darthreider, NAKATSUKA Takeshi, P.O.P ORCHeSTRA, Small Circle of Friends

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