Nakatsuka Takeshi "It's Your World / Be Nice To Me" (7")

Nakatsuka Takeshi has yet another 7" single out now, of two songs from latest album "Big Band Back Beat" feat. big band Iga-Bang BB. Included are covers of Gil Scott-Heron's "It's Your World" and Todd Rundgren's "Be Nice To Me".

A 4th and last 7" of this series is expected to be released later in April, as well as a first ever greatest hits album covering Takeshi's solo career. Stay tuned!

Nakatsuka Takeshi "It's Your World / Be Nice To Me" (7")
中塚武 with イガバンBB 「It's Your World / Be Nice To Me」

A. It's Your World
AA. Be Nice To Me

Unchantable Records UCT-017
Out 4/9, ¥1300 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

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