Nakatsuka Takeshi with Iga-Bang BB "Big Band Back Beat"

2013 celebrated a 10th anniversary year of the solo career of Nakatsuka Takeshi (ex-Qypthone), seeing the release of latest album "Lyrics". Then came this "Big Band Back Beat" album, entirely backed by a large brass band, and full of covers of songs that are Takeshi's roots. First released only locally through Tower Records, this album finally sees a wider release reachable by international fans.

A show to celebrate this release will be held at Motion Blue Yokohama on January 19. Tickets are now on sale.

Nakatsuka Takeshi with Iga-Bang BB "Big Band Back Beat"
中塚武 with イガバンBB 「Big Band Back Beat」

1. Just A Pretty Song
2. Play That Funky Music
3. Skipped Beat
4. Across The Universe
5. It's Your World
6. Be Nice To Me
7. Carnaby Street
8. shiroi mori

Delicatessen Recordings/P.S.C. UVCA-3018
Out 1/8, ¥2190 (excl. tax)
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