Nakano Aya "zurui hito"

Trying to move on to 2011 but here's something I had failed noticing from last year. 25-year-old hostess Nakano Aya has a debut album released at the end of November that was produced by Hase Hajimu, consisting of various covers done in jazz/latin styles. Artwork is by Sally Kubota.

Check out the video clip below, and find more audio samples at Jet Set.

Nakano Aya "zurui hito"
なかの綾 「ずるいひと」

1. hisame (Kayama Akio)
2. koi ni ochite (Kobayashi Akiko)
3. tasogare no Beguine (Mizuhara Hiroshi)
4. keiken (Henmi Mari)
5. aijin (Teresa Teng)
6. Last Metro (Wada Akiko)
7. zurui onna (Sharam Q)
8. Una Sera Di Tokyo (The Peanuts)
9. funauta (Yashiro Aki)
10. onna to osake no Blues (Aoe Mina)
11. aitakute aitakute (Sono Mari)
(In parentheses are the original singers, not official.)

highcontrast recordings VSCD-9705
Out now (11/24), ¥2300 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , Hisame - Zurui Hito (World), 氷雨 - ずるいひと (Japan)
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"koi ni ochite Fall In Love"

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