Nakano Aya "warui kuse"

Singer Nakano Aya has a new album out now, again produced by DJ Hase Hajimu. This includes a duet with Yokoyama Ken (Crazy Ken Band) ("wakarete mo suki na hito"), and collaborations with Kawakami Tsuyoshi & His Moodmakers ("Whiskey ga, osuki desho") and Ban Ban Bazar ("chotto matte kudasai"). The jacket was drawn by Ōtomo Katsuhiro (famous for manga "Akira").

A recital will be held at JZ Brat in Shibuya on October 15. Tickets can be reserved here.

Nakano Aya "warui kuse"
なかの綾 「わるいくせ」

1. One Rainy Night In Tokyo
2. wakarete mo suki na hito (Duet with Yokoyama Ken)
3. ame no bojō
4. futari de osake o
5. Memory Glass
6. Whiskey ga, osuki desho with Kawakami Tsuyoshi & His Moodmakers
7. Second Love
8. sayonara Yesterday
9. kokoro nokori
10. NEVER SAY GOODBYE chotto matte kudasai with Ban Ban Bazar

Universal Music UMCK-1490
Out now (9/3), ¥3000 (excl. tax)
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