Nakano Aya "Asami no Blues" (7"+CD)

Singer Nakano Aya has a new single out this week! Produced by Mutō Shōhei (drummer, vocalist and leader of jazz band Katteni-Shiyagare), the music is also performed by Kathmandu, a unit formed mainly of his band's members. The title song is an original written by Mutō, and the B-side is a danceable cover of Bette Midler's "Stuff like that there".

The single comes as a 7" with a CD that includes instrumentals.

Nakano Aya's next show will be held on June 16 at Yokohama Friday. She will be backed by salsa band Central. Check out her live schedule here.

Nakano Aya "Asami no Blues" (7"+CD)
なかの綾 「アサミのブルース」

A. Asami no Blues
B. Stuff like that there

1. Asami no Blues
2. Stuff like that there
3. Asami no Blues (Karaoke)
4. Stuff like that there (Karaoke)

Vivid Sound / High Contrast HCCD-9585
Out 6/7, ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Sampler clip

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