Kirinji "~Connoisseur Series~ Kirinji 'Songbook'"

Kirinji have often composed songs for other artists. In this 2-CD album they self-cover some of those songs on the 1st CD, while the 2nd CD is a compilation of 10 songs they wrote performed by others.

Audio samples of all tracks at Tower Records.

Kirinji "~Connoisseur Series~ Kirinji 'Songbook'"
キリンジ 「~Connoisseur Series~KIRINJI『SONGBOOK』」

CD 1
1. jelly fish
2. Romantic
3. harunire
4. kami o hodoite
5. wakaba no koro ya
6. watashi no aoi sora
7. ohariko no uta
8. sore mo kitto shiawase

CD 2
(Title / Artist)
1. watashi no aoi sora / Fujii Takeshi
2. ami o hodoite / bird
3. Romantic / Toki Asako
4. harunire / Keyco
5. wakaba no koro ya / Hatakeyama Miyuki
6. somewhere in TOKYO / Furuuchi Tōko
7. ai ga watashi ni oshiete kureta koto / Matsu Takako
8. sore mo kitto shiawase / Suzuki Ami joins Kirinji
9. Pool no ao wa uso no ao / Nanba Shiho
10. haru no arashi / Mizuno Mari

Columbia COCP-36926
Out 10/19, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
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Toki Asako "Romantic"

A few more clips after the jump.

Hatakeyama Miyuki "wakaba no koro ya"

Suzuki Ami joins Kirinji "sore mo kitto shiawase"

Fujii Takeshi "watashi no aoi sora"

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Thank you for this!! I love Kirinji and have a few of their albums. It's very difficult to find detailed information in English so I am very glad to find this!


Posted by Carmen on

I'm happy to hear this! :)

Don't miss their latest (last...) two albums, "Super View" and "Ten".

Posted by Patrick on

Cheers Patric. I have Superview, it was the first I bought last year. I'm going to get Ten and a few others when I visit Japan in June. Yay!

Posted by Carmen on

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