Kashif "BlueSongs" (12")

Guitarist Kashif's brilliant first solo album was recently released on vinyl! Great city pop songs sung by himself, with also guest hitomitoi. The album was mastered by Sunahara Yoshinori, and the cover artwork is by famous illustrator Nagai Hiroshi.

Kashif "BlueSongs" (12")

A1. Breezing
A2. On and On
A3. The Night
A4. Clean Up
A5. Desperate Coffee
B1. PPP I Love You (Part2.1)
B2. You
B3. Neverland
B4. Be Colorful
B6. PPP I Love You (Part3)

Billboard Records / Jet Set HBRV-1010
Out now (11/29), ¥3000 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, HMV

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