Kaji Hideki "Sweet Swedish Winter"

Kaji Hideki has a new album coming this month! This one is a tribute to Sweden's sweet winter, and it's his 2nd release from his own Blue Boys Club label (follow-up to "Blue Heart" (2012)).

Title song "Sweet Swedish Winter" is a cover of Swedish band Freewheel (original on YouTube), and "Illuminum Song" is a self-cover with lyrics written by Katrina Mitchell (The Pastels (UK)). Featured guest musicians include Sokabe Keiichi Band, KONCOS (a band from Hokkaidō), and Per Sunding (member of Eggstone).

All songs can be sampled at the ordering links below.

Kaji Hideki "Sweet Swedish Winter"
カジヒデキ 「Sweet Swedish Winter」

1. Sweet Swedish Winter
2. Milk Walk
3. Winter's Sky
4. Semla Song
5. The Happy Sauna Shed
6. Yellow Basque Beret
7. Illuminum Song
8. Semla Song By Koncos
9. Hello & Smile
10. White Christmas With Our Good Music

Blue Boys Club DDCB-12056
Out 2/20, ¥2096 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , Sweet Swedish Winter - Sweet Swedish Winter (World), スウィート スウェディッシュ ウィンター - Sweet Swedish Winter (Japan)
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

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(●´▽`●) bonne nouvelle, ça me donne envie de faire des smileys ! J'ai hâte :)

Posted by aza on

Au fait, ce ne sera que des covers où il y aura des morceaux originaux? Je me suis posée la question en voyant l'album il y'a quelque mois, mais vu que j'ai un japonais TRES limité je n'ai pas eu ma réponse.

Posted by aza on

C'est bien un nouvel album original! Sauf pour les 2 covers que j'ai mentionné (un de Freewheel et un de lui-même). :)

Posted by Patrick on

Ok, merci pour l'info. C'est chouette ça :) Ce Hideki Kaji quel fanboy de la Suède !

Posted by aza on

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